Fund Buyer Focus is powered by the MackayWilliams Team

We have the experience to navigate the difficult waters of the European Ucits world and the skill to interpret market developments in the context of actionable trends. We have been tracking the European markets since the first days of Ucits and offer the authority of this unparalleled experience.

  • Rodney Williams

    Rodney Williams

  • Diana Mackay

    Diana Mackay

    Joint CEO
  • Mauro Baratta

    Mauro Baratta

    Joint CEO
  • Chris Chancellor

    Chris Chancellor

  • Simon Critchlow

    Simon Critchlow

    Head of Sales
  • Mark Phasey

    Mark Phasey

    Production Manager
  • Mark McFee

    Mark McFee

    Publications Editor
  • Ralph Williams

    Ralph Williams

    Publishing Assistant
  • Eleanor Radford

    Eleanor Radford

    Accounts Manager

The Fund Buyer Focus team

Based in Berlin, the multi-lingual and multi-national Fund Buyer Focus team is responsible for interviewing and collecting data from 1,000 plus fund selectors and distributors across Europe. The FBF’s team of expert analysts is also responsible for the rigorous quality control of the data, report production and client servicing.

  • Angelika Walle

    Angelika Walle

    Head of Research & Methodology
  • Martin Guhr

    Martin Guhr

    Head of Production & Quality Control
  • Tiziano Giannotti

    Tiziano Giannotti

    Fund Market Analyst & Publisher
  • Brigitte Behrens

    Brigitte Behrens

    Account Manager / Research Analyst
  • Laura Burgos

    Laura Burgos

    Head of Operations
  • Barbara Kenzler

    Barbara Kenzler

    Research Analyst
  • Birgitta Dern

    Birgitta Dern

    Research Analyst
  • Iven Jainta

    Iven Jainta

    Production Assistant
  • Gabriele Endres-Hatmaker

    Gabriele Endres-Hatmaker

    Production Assistant